2 Kings

The Book of Second Kings continues the drama begun in 1 Kings - the tragic history of two nations on a collision course with captivity. The author systematically traces the reigning monarchs of Israel and Judah, first by carrying one nation's history forward, then retrac- ing the same period for the other nation.

The author of 2 Kings

Probably the Prophet Jeremiah.. see the Author of First Kings.

The time of 2 Kings

The last recorded event in 2 Kings is the release of Jehoiachin (25:27-30), which takes place in 560 s.c. Most of First and Second Kings probably was written just prior to 586 s.c., but chapters 21 and 25 were written after Jehoiachin's release, perhaps about 550 s.c.

About 2 Kings

Without interuption, 2 Kings continues the narrative of 1 Kings. The tragic history of two nations heading into captivity. Division has led to decline and now ends in double deportation with Israel captured by Assyria and Judah by Babylon. This book traces the history of the divided kingdom in chapters 1-I7 and the history of the surviving kingdom in chapters 18-25.