2 Samuel

The Book of Second Samuel records the highlights of David's reign, first- over the territory ofJiudah, and finally over the entire nation of Israel. It traces the ascension of David to the throne, his climactic sins of adultery and murder, and the shattering consequences of those sins upon his family and the nation

The author of 2 Samuel

Second Samuel was probably compiled by one man who combined the written chronicles of Nathan the prophet and Gad the seer (l Chr. 29:29). In addition to these written sources, the compiler evidently used another source called "the Book of Jasher" (1:18)'

The time of 2 Samuel

The date of the composition for First and Second Samuel was sometime after the death of Solomon (931 b.c.) but before the Assyrian captivity of the northem kingdom (722 BC. It liiely ihat Samuel was composed early in the divided kingdom, perhaps around 900s

About 2 Samuel

2 Samuel continues the account of the life of David at the point where First Samuel concludes. Soon after the death of SauI, the king-elect becomes the king enthroned, first over Judah when he reigns in Hebron for seven-and-a-half years and finally over all lsrael when he reigns in Jersalcm for thirlv-three years. This book reviews the key events in the forty-year reign.