Joshua is the first of twelve books of the History of the Jews. It describes three major military campaigns which, under Joshua's leadership in God's capable hands, the Israelites emerge victorious over much larger enemy armies.

The Author of Joshua

Jewish tradition assigns authorship to Joshua himself and this is supported by CH24:26 where Joshua says he "wrote these words in the Book". He even uses the first person in CH 5:6. Joshua was born a slave in Egyrpt and served Moses as one of the twelve spies sent to spy out the Promised Land.

The Time of Joshua

A precise date is not possible but the events to which the book refers all took place around 1390 to 1405 BC

About Joshua

Joshua takes over from Moses as leader of the People of Israel. The first five chapters cover the spiritual and military preparation of Joshua. In Chapters 6 to 8 Joshua wages a campaign in central Canaan which drives a wedge between north and south but it his obedience to the instructions of God that brings him success. As he grows old Joshua has realised that blessing comes only with obedience and he preaches a moving sermon climaxed by Israel's renewed allegiance to the covenant.