"Genesis" is a Greek word meaning "source" or "origin". It spans the Creation through the flood; tower of Babel; Abraham; Isaac; Jacob to Joseph. It shows how trust in God always wins through.

Genesis, at first glance, seems to be a history of the start of Man. A closer look shows the need for, and the promise of, Redemption. Man at first walks with God; then falls and is separated from God who promises redemption in due time via the covenant with Abraham.

Time of Genesis

Spans about 2000 years from about 4000 BC or earlier to Joseph's death in 1804 BC

Author of Genesis
Generally agreed to be Moses but no definite evidence available. The first five books of the Bible ( The Pentateuch) are attributed to Moses.

About Genesis
Genesis is a time of beginnings and answers fundamental questions.. where did we come from ? why are we here ? What is God's plan for us ? It shows that which is good is blessed by God and that which is evil impedes life and causes pain. God is sovereign and will wants to bless people but will not tolerate rebellion and unbelief.