Corinth was the key city in Greece at the time of Paul and was a bustling trading centre. It was located on a narrow isthmus between the Aegean and the Adriatic and served as a link between the two seas. It thrived on commerce; vice and corruption. In this city Paul founded three churches (Acts 18, 1-17).  This first letter addresses problems in the life-style of the Corinthian church including lawsuits; immorality; factions; abuse of the Lord’s supper; spiritual gifts and general Christian discipline.

Paul deals with each problem and gives practical help and advice as to how to deal with it and how the church should conduct itself.

Things to remember and things to put right Chapter 1:  1-17
The ways in which God saves His people Chapter 1:  18-31
The Gospel Chapter 2
Christian Growth Chapter 3: 1-4
Principles for Christian work. Part 1 Chapter 3: 5-17
Principles for Christian work. Part 2 Chapter 3: 18 - Chapter 4: 7
Christian work - some lessons Chapter 4: 8-21
Church Discipline Chapter 5
A rebuke and a warning Chapter 6:  1-11
Sin matters Chapter 6:  12-20
The Christian and marriage Chapter 7: 1-16
Guidance on marriage Chapter 7: 17-49
Christian Liberty and its problems Chapter 8
When NOT to exercise our rights Chapter 9
Apostasy Chapter 10: 1-15
Two issues reconsidered Chapter 10: 14- Chapter 11,1
The roles of men and women Chapter 11: 2-16
The Lord's supper Chapter 11: 17-34
Spiritual gifts Chapter 12: 1-31
Baptism of the Spirit Chapter 12: 13
The greatest gift : Love Chapter 13: 1-8
The gifts of prophecy, tongues and knowledge Chapter 13: 8-13
Principles applying to the gifts of prophecy and tongues Chapter 14: 1-25
Instructions for public worship Chapter 14: 26-40
The Resurrection Chapter 15: 1-20
The resurrection of the Christian Chapter 15: 20-34
The consequence of the Resurrection Chapter 15: 35-58
Final requests and greetings Chapter 16