II CORINTHIANS  - Preached in 1997 / 8

Following Paul's first letter the church at Corinth had been subjected to false teachers who had swayed the church against Paul.  they claimed he was proud and physically unimpressive; unqualified to teach the Gospel.  Paul sent Titus to the church to address these issues and upon his return was pleased to hear there was a change of heart.  Paul wrote this letter to the church to express his thanks and address the remaining minority who had not accepted his authority as an Apostle.

Throughout this letter Paul asserts his authority as an apostle and defends his conduct and character - a challenge to us all

Suffering, comfort, deliverance Chapter 1: 1 -11
Human words and God's words Chapter 1:12-22
The importance of good relationships Chapter 1:23 - 2:12
True messengers and counterfeits Chapter 2: 14 - 3:6
The glory of the new covenant Chapter 3: 7-18
Paul answers his critics Chapter 4: 1-6
Treasure in earthen vessels Chapter 4: 7-18
Dying to live Chapter 5: 1-10
Be reconciled to God Chapter 5: 11-21
Workers together with Him Chapter 6: 1-10
Opening & closing the heart Chapter 6: 11-7:4
All about feelings Chapter 7: 5-16
The gift of giving Chapter  8: 1-24
Sowing & reaping Chapter 9: 1-15
How to recognise a true minister Chapter 10: 1-18
Light which is darkness Chapter 11: 1-15
Where there is weakness god is at work Chapter 11: 16-33
Weak equals strong Chapter 12: 1-12
Horizontal Christian living Chapter 12:13-13:4
What we should want for each other Chapter 13: 5-14