A series for the young Christian

A series of 13 sermons preached in 1993 issues often raised by a young Christian who is seeking to live the Christian life.

Title Based on Scripture  from
How to tell if you are a Christian Acts, 3,11 - 4,4
How to tell others you are a Christian Acts 9, 1-22
How to enjoy Church Rom 12, 1-21
How to read the Bible Psalm 119, 97-105
How to pray Matt 6, 1-18
How to know what is right Ex 20, 1-17
How to overcome temptation Matt 4, 1-11
How to please God Luke 10, 25-37
How to know God's will Psalm 32, 1-11
How to serve God Matt 25, 14-30
How to win others to Christ John 3, 1-21
How to deal with worry Matt 6,25-34
How to prepare for death Rev 21, 1-8